Aquamarine Tree of Life Pendant


Product parameters:

Length 40-60mm

width 15-20mm

Weight 15-30g

Product description:

Material: hailanbao Process: manual polishing process


Its energy is emitted directly from the upper tip, called "Generator", if its weight is enough, it will be emitted continuously, Forming a strong energy field from the central point, like a whirlpool, is the best treasure in the house, helps people improve spiritual; Fluorite is also known as "the stone of genius". It can improve memory, promote thinking, develop brain, enhance comprehensive thinking ability, and eliminate dizziness and headache -It can be used to set a Seven Star array, it is good for meditation and Visualization; -Its powerful energy is attached to the top, it is the best tool to heal and adjust the body and Spirit; -Can play a role in cleaning, reducing the radiation of household appliances effectively;

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