Backflow Waterfall Incense Cone Holder


By burning incense cones, the smoke vapor is gently transmitted like a silent waterfall with mystery, providing you with wonderful sensory enjoyment. Relax from the physical to the silicate, put aside the problems of life, enjoy the peace of this moment.


-Color: Assorted color -Material:
-Size: 12.00X10.60X12 10cm / 4.72X4.17X4.76in -Helps
you relax, reduce stress, good meditation helper, maintain mental health.
-This aromatherapy ornamental can create a comfortable atmosphere and purify the air when used with incense cones.
-Create a relaxing environment to relieve anxiety and fatigue or improve sleep quality.
-Ideal for anxiety and stress relief, relaxation, sleep aid, yoga, mood enhancement, meditation, or simply as an air freshener and deodorizer.

1 x Incense Cone Holder

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