Colorful Incense Cones for Aroma Lamp Tower



Minimal adorable incense can likewise embellish your comfortable home.

Following a bustling day at work, lighting a piece of incense can feel drained and quiet your temperament.

It can consume in the lounge area, room, or even be utilized in the storeroom to clear up terrible smells.

Reasonable for adorning your indoor room.

Material: wood flour + regular flavors

Viability: Calms the psyche, helps rest, purges the air

Item stockpiling: in a cool, dry spot

Consuming time: around 10-15 minutes

Size: 1.5 x 2.8 cm/0.59 x 1.10 inch (approx.)


This is the incense cone that you consume from the tip.

The tar content is higher with the goal that the smoke will move from high to low, similar to water.

Wonderful when utilized with a sandalwood gadget

The smoke will influence the smell, on the off chance that you can't acknowledge, if it's not too much trouble, utilize the "incense stick."

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