Natural Moonstone Diffuser Bracelet


Looking to add a little magic to your daily life? At Conscious Cart we have a simple goal. To educate the masses on the transformational benefits of essential oils and crystal jewelry. We strive to make the best essential oil jewelry available and ship it worldwide.

Lava stone bracelets are not just a cool fashion statement or a way to express your style. They are a powerful health and consciousness tool you can use to raise your vibrations and boost your mood in an instant.

Combined with powerful crystals and hand made; our bracelets are perfect for day to day use whether you decide to use them with essential oils or not.

Our Natural Moonstone Bracelet is a customer favorite with it not only being a beautiful stone; but said to have many healing benefits. Moonstone has many healing properties, with the primary ones being emotional balance and nurturing intuition. A true feminine stone for hormonal balance; but also great for men to balance out their masculine traits.

Why Essential Oil Bracelets?

We believe essential oils are one of the most underrated, underutilised forms of real medicine. Every essential oil has a powerful effect on the brain and body when sniffed. Ancient civilizations like the egyptians knew of their benefits; but they have been mostly ignored by modern science.

From stress relief to helping you sleep faster and better; you can find endless studies on essential oils; as well as millions of personal stories. They are not just for mystics and holistic health fanatics; we believe they have a place in every home.

For example our stress blend includes Lavender, which regularly appears in studies as a powerful remedy for symptoms of depression and anxiety. Whether you have a specific use for essential oils or simply want a beautiful bracelet; we invite you to use them wisely.

Some of their many benefits include; balancing hormones, healing digestive issues, reducing anxiety & depression, boosting mood, gaining energy and helping you sleep deeper.

It’s time for the essential oil revolution and when you purchase any essential oil today a portion will go to spreading awareness about their benefits.

To Use Your Bracelet: wear it any way you choose or add a few drops of your favorite essential oil to the lava stones or one of our niche targeted blends to enjoy aromatherapy relief all day long.

Shipping: will take 15-20 days to USA and up to 3-4 weeks outside the USA. We hand craft and choose our bracelets with specific stones and bless them with positive intentions.


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