ORGONE EMF protection pyramid

$34.99 $68.99

Discover the amazing healing powers of Orgone Energy with our powerful range of Orgone Pyramids.

Orgone Pyramids are powerful energy transmitters that help block dangerous Electro Magnetic Frequency waves like those emitted from your wireless router or other electronics.

You can test these with your own EMF detector to watch them work and experience the magic that Orgone can add to your life.

Helps to cleanse negative energy and create high positive energy in your home.

These are hand made and made to order. So please allow 2-3 weeks to get yours delivered to the USA and slightly longer outside.

Satisfaction Guarantee & Refunds

You can always email us any time via our contact page to get an update or simply use your tracking ID you'll have in your inbox to see where your package is. As always you can get a no questions asked refund if you receive one of our products and do not like it for any reason.

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